We don’t do everything, but those things we do we do well based on deep domain expertise and a relentless commitment to quality.


Acero is an infrastructure and real estate development firm with an international presence. We rely on our deep domain knowledge and extensive experience to engage in complex and sophisticated transactions in infrastructure and real estate.

As a privately-owned development firm, Acero has great flexibility in the projects it takes on. Our team has extensive experience in executing projects of all sizes and virtually unlimited complexity. The firm’s approach to development is to leverage best practices in design, development, and commercialization across regions and geographies without losing sight of the age-old wisdom that real estate is inherently a local business. To augment our capabilities, we often partner with local development firms. We value design and work with the world’s leading architects and engineers, however our true talents are in execution. Valuing quality over quantity, we are not a volume shop and are therefore selective about the projects we take on. However, we are highly flexible as to the structures, markets, and types of infrastructure and real estate we develop within the sectors we target.


Acero is an active investor in a wide range of infrastructure and real estate assets. We specialize in complex and sophisticated transactions that depend on our domain knowledge and operating experience for success.

Our investment programs have traditionally focused on programmatic or opportunistic investments. Acero’s programmatic investment programs are partnerships with leading institutional investors, each program typically focuses on a specific target asset class and geography and Acero acts as developer and property manager or operator. Our opportunistic investment program is more broad and opportunity driven. We excel at value-add, special and distressed situations where the investment can benefit from our expertise in development, re-development, management, leasing, re-positioning, and re-tenanting facilities in ways that deliver exceptional returns for investors while working closely with tenants or end-users to create collective benefits. Ranging from high net worth individuals to the world’s leading private equity firms, public endowments, and sovereign wealth funds, Acero maintains close relationships with an extensive network of investment partners allowing us to consider a wide range of investment opportunities.


Acero is a full-service real estate firm with an experienced, dedicated property and asset management staff. Our approach to management is centered on creating value for our tenants as well as our investors and owners.

Acero approaches property and facility management from an owner’s perspective, leveraging deep domain expertise, technology, and work ethic to drive yield and manage investment risk. An essential part of our management philosophy is that delivering unparalleled value to tenants and being a responsive and accountable landlord is key to value creation, in our experience it pays to do things right. The firm offers the full spectrum of real estate services including leasing, brokerage, property and asset management, facility operations, as well as select consulting assignments. Properties and facilities managed by Acero are typically considered best-in-class with high retention rates, longer asset life, efficient operations, competitive rents, and favorable tenant satisfaction ratings. In addition to managing its own portfolio, Acero provides third-party management services for owners and institutional investors.

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